Our Core Area of Specialisation are;

​​Solar Power Plant Installation,

Wind-tubine hybrid and standalone installations

General Civil Works

Tower Erection and Painting

RF, Antenna and  Microwave Installation

RBS, Hybrid and Node Installation

Site Electrical Installation and Cooling System

and drive testing

Solar System installation and maintenance

Geological Services

Engineering Consultancy Services

We’re a full service supply and Installation company providing our clients with a wide range of high quality products from trusted sources. All of the Telecommunication and Transmission Lines services and products we supply are produced in reputable factories and are backed by the “Julesatub Inter Global Energy Ltd” name. Let us supply you with top notch service at a price you can afford. We have the unique ability to work with local people, taking into account their special customs, and adapting to working in a vast array of remote and challenging areas of the world

​We have established ourselves as one of the reputed company engaged in supply and installation of manufactured Communication and Transmission Line Towers, Radar Navigation Towers, Guyed Towers, Monopoles, Media Display board, lightening Protection and earthling, Solar Photovoltaic,


Power solutions, Shelters, self-supporting Towers and Mobile towers.

Our services are also sought for Soil Investigation and foundation Design, RF Survey, LOS Survey and Tower erection. We set up quality communication towers and text equipment’s.

Our services are also sought for Soil Investigation and Foundation Design, RF Survey, LOS Survey and Tower Erection. We set up quality communication towers which are closest to perfection as  for  as  the  quality  standards  and  the  specifications  of  the  clients  are concerned. We also work on a timed schedule, which are planned well, in order to ensure on time delivery of our product.


We  make  effective  use  of  the  latest  technology  in  our  manufacturing process,  in  order  to  set  up  quality  towers.  These  components  are manufactured  to  satisfy  the  diverse  needs  of  our  clients.  The range of choices that we offer, help our clients to make their choice and select the
type of tower that would suit their need for their business.
Our  team  consisting  of  skilled  staff,  who  do every  task  related  to  the
setting up of these towers. Their united efforts have enabled us in creating
an unbeatable position in this highly competitive market

Guaranteed Quality


Guaranteed Satisfaction


Guaranteed Precision